Sansui 2000x output transistors

The fusisters will go bad if they haven't already. I have a turntable, CD player and a tuner hooked up for a demo. 2SA1068N / 2SC2493 N are an improved version of Sanken combination 2SA1068 / 2SC2493 This product was added to our catalog on 10/01/2018. ? 1. 54; buy it now +c $65. i cannot make out the numbers on the components,one is nec and one is hatachi,they are very corroded from a copper piece that was around them for heat i imagine. Write a Review For This Product. Why Vintage Sansui Amps are Superb to great until they moved over to IC-like "block" output stages instead of discrete transistors just like so many other makers sansui 2000x stereo receiver tuner/amplifie r works perfect serviced led upgrade. it is likely that the Vbe multiplier transistor burned open and forced all the current to go through the pot and the burn resistor. What a great find and the perfect outcome to what started as a "wishful thinking" day. Sansui 5050 Receiver Today were showcasing a customers Sansui 5050 Receiver that came in for a restoration. Brand: Sansui; Product Code: Sansui 5000A Power Transistors ; Availability: Out Of Stock; $24. Some items are fully restored and ready to run another 40 years. This one had blown the 2. the 2000x should do the same but has less wattage output. Transistors, 'Output / power amp transistor' STK 014, - $35. NPN 2SC1586. 92 shipping Sansui 5000A Power Output Transistor Pairs . One of those is the classic Sansui 1000A. The 2SA726 transistors will go bad and the VD-1212 diodes will go bad as well. Is the a common device like a fuse that has failed? Cd and record player systems work. used by Sansui, all my search to Specifications. i have the TOTL during that series(5000x) and it's a wonderful receiver capable of driving heavy loads. The glue they used is conductive and corrosive. Russ Andrews . Next suspect - the power output transistors. Shop with confidence. Pulled 'em out and hooked 'em up to a Heathkit transistor checker (they are 2SC1111s, so are NPN silicon). The 2000A is almost identical and most of what's here applies to that unit as well. The DC on the speaker output is -4V, 0V on the good channel. Found out that I did not connect the speaker wires tight enough and one was just contacting. Get free expert troubleshooting help, support & repair solutions for all Audio Player and Recorder. View and Download Sansui G-3500/301 service manual online. of these Sanken transistors (TO3 type) TO 2SA- AND 2SC- Nos. This vintage 1971-73 Sansui 2000x AMFM Stereo receiver is in fantastic condition. Could any one help me to know the substitute or equivalent No. Were the original output transistors in this receiver 2SD118? The receiver I am working on has a mixture of two 2SD118, one NTE118 and one NTE284. Load Impedance: 8 ohms. 00 PGleo86 Thorens TD-166 MKII/Sansui QRX-9001 0 points 1 point 2 points 2 years ago The 2000X is a great receiver. Worked great until yesterday. NPN transistor # NMC-1012 & PNP # NMA-1012 for my Sansui AU-919, output power transistors. I have owned Conrad Johnson, Sonic Frontiers, Adcom, Sumo, GAS, Kenwood, Marantz, Pioneer, Audio Research, and many varieties of tube amps. I only get a slight crackle intermittently at full volume from the speakers. 008% total harmonic distortion, 110 watts per channel into 8 ohms . The 1000A is a tube receiver is known for its big and powerful sound. Sure enough, two of the four transistors have a direct short from the base to the emitter. 8% Damping factor: 24 Input sensitivity: 2. This model only had them within the driver stages but I recommend replacing them if on board. 2V or so, as seen on the good channel. Sansui 2000X Solid State AM/FM Stereo Tuner Amplifier รีซีพเวอร์วินเทจ จากค่าย Sansui รุ่น 2000X รับ AM/FM ได้ หน้าปัดไฟสวย มีช่องต่อ Phono ให้ 2 ช่อง สภาพดีกรอบ electronics, electronics/audio, electronics/parts, vintage audio, Sansui parts SANSUI-PARTS-SHOP SANSUI, built for life, otherwise my parts will help you to revive them!! Plano sansui modelo A-2000 prende muy bien pero hay un canal que no suena tiene un sumbido cundo se instala la corneta aparece el sumbido bueno yo necesito mirar cuales son los filtro que lleva el amplificador Sansui a 2000 ustedes tienen unos que tiene el mismo nombre pero no es el mismo amplificador que tengo Nov 29, 2017 11:42: Sansui AU-X1 Are there any other vintage Sansui enthusiasts out there who might own this integrated amp or knows someone who does or is just particularly familiar with the model? I am trying to get more background information regarding the stability of its circuit design. 5ohm I have a Sansui 2000x that has been sitting on the shelf for a while, it is a thrift find, so $10 in it, everything lights up and stereo light comes on with tuner, pre amp output to another amp yields sound, but other rear outputs do not. ขายแล้วครับ Sansui 2000X Solid State AM/FM Stereo Tuner Amplifier. Sansui AU-11000. the reason i took the time to write you is because i have a sansui G-9700 and got it hook to a pair of sansui sp-x11000 speakers and i got a pair of audiosphere 18 inch sub in them two mids and four tweeters and ,,,well let me tell ya it cranks out some big noise ,,,,the best i have ever owned for power and sound if you want some pics give Hello, I have this vintage Sansui 2000x solid state stereo lifier for sale in excellent working and cosmetic condition. We have a house guest coming this fall and I'm out of room. Auction Location: 3107 Highway 10 Southeast, St. Older amplifiers especially use the these germanium PnP & NpN silicon audio output transistors. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Chick on Mon August 28, 2006 8:08 AM . amplifier the problem is almost certainly failed output transistors, possibly drivers as well  The output transistors blew early on. Expect to pay from $150 to over $300 depending upon functionality and cosmetics. The mixer has inputs for both line and phono. I have Sansui G9700 receiver which has those 2SA1116 / 2SC2607 at output stage, and please look at the picture and the same transistors pulled out so you see it is the same as I have as NOS just only it is early Sanken production Sansui BA-F1. Specifications Tuning range: FM, MW SANSUI 2000 STEREO Receiver Parting Out Board FB-1018A - $24. It sounded ok when I got it, but after discovering that the output transistors had been replaced with non-original 'equivalents' I located a set of the originals and it really transformed it into a sweet little amp. . 60 shipping Q: tim,could you direct me torwards parts for my sansui 2000x. Sansui 1000X Original Output transistor TO3 Sockets w/ Screws Parting Out 1000X. Thanks for asking and hope that the professional explanation on the internet will better answer your question. When I was a teenager Sansui made one of the best series HiFi receivers of all times called the Sansui “G” series. User Reviews. 99. I have Sansui G9700 receiver which has those 2SA1116 / 2SC2607 at output stage, and please look at the picture and the same transistors pulled out so you see it is the same as I have as NOS just only it is early Sanken production I called Kenwood and talked to a Tech. 2 Ghz are only rated at 15 watts and are sensitive to high SWR. Specifications. I removed the case for cleaning just prior to powering it up and taking these photos. Transistor packages such as TO-3, 220 etc. 99 USD SANSUI STEREO TUNER Amplifier Solid State 2000x Vintage - With Manual - WORKS - $325. Its a Sansui G-2000 amplifier i found in the garbage. Sansui 2000 Stereo Receiver Parting Out Heatsink + 2 Output Transistors. that goes out to Pioneer CS-63DX speakers. am-fm stereo receiver. The Sansui 2000X is a well regarded receiver. ea I picked up a Sansui 2000x at a church garage sale today. 99 . It's a small NPN type power transistor in a TO-5 package with a small circular heatsink attached at the factory. C $25. signal meter; tape in/output; two phono inputs; aux input; loudness on/off; reverse; mono Also, they are known for having some transistors that have gotten noisy with age. Power output: 34 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) Frequency response: 20Hz to 40kHz. It also has Pre-out inputs. The 2SC971 has a power dissipation rating of 1W, a voltage rating of 50V (collector to base), Browse answered Sansui One Sanken Output Transistor 2sc1116a For 9090db And Marantz 2285 2325 questions, problems & issues. 8% Damping factor: 24 This is a Sansui 2000x solid state receiver made in Japan in the very early 70s. Author Message; Dutch Rabbit Post subject: Thordarson T-31W25A Amplifier PreRestoration Questions Thordarson T-31W25A Amplifier PreRestoration Questions View, read and download service manual for KENWOOD KDVC810 , learn how to repair it, fix failures or solve other issues. Although simulation doesn't always reflect real life I put the supply voltage and 34 vrms output into a standard class ab design using the MJL21194 devices and it easily works, even with just a single MJE340 driver and output. Sansui 2000X Original Output Transistor Cover Plate w/ Screws Parting Out 2000X. The receiver pushes out 40 watts of clean power per channel. G33000/G22000. $19. But if you want to make the power, complementory transistors will work, replace them all. Total harmonic distortion: 0. OUTPUTS. Some might say the Pioneer SX Series Silver Face receiver is better, but of those who have had the opportunity to listen to both, I think most of them would say that “G” receivers have better sound. It has inputs for Phono 12 , Aux and tape. Now that brings back memories. Here is the listing for vintage SANSUI AU 20000 INTEGRATED AMPLIFIERfull re capped new nichicon capacitors installed and new original output transistor installedthe two side panels and the top panel repainted in the same color as the original by a body painter all entries and exits have been verified and tested serviced in perfect working condition new light led green 6,3v installed on view meterthe phono section the sound is amazingthe only thing we hear very low sounds of music 123685690796 In many ways, the Sansui Seven is a culmination of our long experience and arduous research in the design and manufacture of quality audio-only equipment. Power Output: Min RMS, both channels driven, from 5 to 20,000Hz, with no more than 0. If it hasn't been rebuilt yet you may consider doing it now. It is in great working condition and sounds incredible. Sanken Genuine To3 Transistors 2sa1116 / 2sc2607 Sansui Vintage - 1 Pair: $31. there is a push in circuit board with sansui number f1180 on it that is fryed. This unit has mosfet output transistors. tested good w/ NO leakage Heat Sinks- Smaller , (See also 4000, 5000A & 5000X) (transistors sold separately) (there are two different output transistor heat sinks on the each Sansui 5000A and 5000X) - $20. Power output: 30 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) Transistors, Power Amplifier Output Transistors Toshiba 2SC1079 TO-3, Metal Cased output transistors - $35. It's tuner section combines a FET equipped super sensitive FM front end and an IC-equipped FM IF amplifier which ensures outstanding FM selectivity and superb tone quality. Please include your phone number for a response. It has a 2″ piece of foam on the bottom, and 3″ on the two sides and rear, and 4″ for the front panel. Find Sansui 8080 Output Transistors related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications on GlobalSpec - a trusted source of Sansui 8080 Output Transistors information. Thanks. Search "Sansui 7000 (Eight, Six, Seven & Eight Deluxe) button labels" and find the AudioKarma thread with more photos and links to a video; only in the video can you see the sheen/reflectivity and how nice the labels look. left channel is weak you have to turn it up to hear it. I also replaced the driver transistors and one of the temp sense transistors by using a BC182L. I would venture a guess that the burn resistor is part of the vbe multiplier: the pot (vr07 adjusts bias), C153 is the filter cap for othe vbe multiplier, and behind that cover is your Vbe multiplier transistor. I can remember all to well when the TV went out, pulling all the tubes and going to a store (can't remember the name, but equvilent to todays radio shack) and testing each on with their free tube tester. Sansui 2000x for the Serious Sansui Collectors Vintage Receiver in Great shape With Original Box & Manuals Owners & service With Matching re verb RA-500 amp in Original box . it'll be more then fine. It also needed the panel lights replacing 8V 300mA. Heat Sink, 'Power  Feb 6, 2018 Sansui 2000 Power output: 32 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) Mine had at least a dozen bad transistors and nearly that many bad  Feb 13, 2015 This is the very highly thought of Sansui 2000X. 2. It is the replacement of all coupling caps from input to output with Mylar film caps, as Sansui did on a few of it’s early amps. The AU-11000 has an output power of 110 watts-per-channel, and was one of the earliest home audio amplifiers to use multiple transistors per channel using a "Push-Pull" method to add more amplification power. eu Sansui AU-8500. All content has been converted from the old system, and over the next days we will re-style HUG in a more familiar way. Sansui G-6000 F-2858 Power Supply Board w/ Output Transistor Sockets G5000 G7000 See more like this Sansui QRX 6500 Original 2SC793 Output Transistors. Since I am a volunteer and brought stuff myself they let me buy the Sansui 2000x early before the sale even started (great-excellent condition) and 15-20 classic rock 45s for $40 (what I offered for a donation). hello i have a sansui g-6000 right channel is strong and power meter is working. This listing is for a Sansui brand Stereo Amplifier with AM/FM tuner model 2000x It is a quality vintage amp!! It was tested and works! Comes with Operating & some other Manuals for 2000A (very similar) Has built in antenna! 29 sansui flate crt tv width less or output transistor blow off after 5minits - Sansui Televison & Video question. The 2000 is also similar, but lacks the handy plug-in power amp board. 3% All of my search term words; Any of my search term words; Find results in Content titles and body; Content titles only PARIS Chatelet : -0178010836 - 0612131879 - 0695229414 -;- BOURG la REINE sur Rendez vous - 0687613737 --- Messagerie: infos@hifivintage. If you have it recapped and some of the upgrades noted above done then it will be a fantastic performer for you. When changing speaker outputs, I would get a pop and then the  Next suspect - the power output transistors. 00. We then insert a 1″ piece of foam on top, as in the following picture: And then add another 2″ across the top, making the top thickness 3″ like on the sides and rear: Older Sansui receivers/amplifiers have a warmer sound that pairs very well with Klipsch speakers. 303123162169 hey how you doing,,im froggy real name is richard. 1 person . The pic doesn't really do justice to the quality of the button label reproduction here. The 5050 was released from 1976 to 1977 with a modest output rating of 33W @ 0. $40 is definitely a steal, I got my 2000A for $75 and thought I got away with robbery! We have recently added something new to our restorations. Sansui 5000A Sansui 9090db Output Transistors –PNP– MJ21193G matched pair. The 8080 features a quasi complimentary output stage where as the 8080/9090DB features a NPN/PNP push pull topography, the 8080 also only features a single RIAA input and formats the outputs to parallel rather than in series like the DB versions. 1 Pair Parting Out QRX 6500 $20. Also for: G-4500/401. Cloud, MN 56304 / Phone: 320-980-6424 Household, Estate & Personal Property, Commercial & Industrial, Sporting Goods & Hobbies Buy Sceptre X438BV-FSRR 43" Slim LED FHD 1080p TV Flat Screen HDMI MHL High Definition and Widescreen Monitor Display ATSC/QAM 3 x HDMI Ports, Metal Black: LED & LCD TVs - Amazon. It was operating perfect until my right channel dropped out. Search Fixya. 2 unit, but recommended not to. Sansui Six. 99 Also, a good discussion on replacing the transistors is HERE (though it covers the 2000 the idea is the same). These are awesome receivers, both in sound and in looks. 008% at or below rated min. Only thing I've found bad with it is the stereo seems to blow the output transistors any time a control or switch gets dirty (spike of noise fuses blow output transistors shot). Power Amplifier . Leakage current at 100%. Luckily it was under Sansui A great, great example of fine Japanese engineering. It is rated at 39 watts per channel and is a highly sought after receiver. He explained how to adjust the power out on the 1. No AU-8500 user reviews have been added yet. Related Ads (These results are powered Hi, I have a problem with a home amplifier that gave me good sound until one day I did not sleep anymore and when I connected a speaker, sparks came out of the audio output of my amplifier I opened it to check it and noticed that an electrolytic capacitor exploded, I changed the new one but they were still sparking when I connected the speaker, I have two of these circuits but only one is with This MA6100 has new output transistors, new triacs, new differential transistors, new capacitors on the driver boards, ands new lamps. I have a Sansui model Seven receiver and the 38 watts per channel are plenty for my Klipsch Quartets. Querry "output transistor" and you will find the answer. 1kg Some thinking resulted in the following modification, a BD139/BD140 pair was used as replacement Bias transistors, with a pair of 1N4148 diodes used to perform the bias diode job. One major issue of the 2000X series is the integration of 2SC458 transistors. Tuning range: FM, MW. Output transistors used such units as Bi-Amp, Marantz, Mitsubishi, NAD, Onkyo, Pioneer, Rotel, Sansui, Technics, Yamaha and others. I started with the Sansui 2000X. There are connections for two sets of speakers. The diodes need to be in close proximity to the transistors for thermal coupling, and this is why the heatshrink sleeve is used to complete the assembly. It has that nice clean smooth vintage sound. Actual lighting seems a little dimmer than in the picture. I have a 2000A, between which and the 2000X is only 4wpc difference (35 for the 2000A vs 39 for the 2000X) and the thing sounds incredible. STK, STK 080G, Large Power  electronic repair Parts. 87 postage Classifieds: FOR SALE - Sansui AU-919 W/4 Spare output transistors - One of Sansui's All Time Best! asking for $2500. The original transistor in the tuner supply regulator was a 2SC971 on the F1195 board. It plays and sounds great. what i mean by heavy loads tho is impedance. The 2ST5949 is $3. 5 Amp fuses. Fixing and Modifying the Sansui 2000x Receiver Introduction. £11. 83; Buy It Now +C $19. They informed me that most Ts 2000X models only do about 8 to 9 watts out of the box. Dials work, lights work. Speaking of hot amplifiers, my output transistors were very poorly coupled to the heat sink. It will also carry 1 amp more than the original if both are working. Also for Sansui Cassette Decks SC-2000, SC2000. Larry (December 22, 2009): LEFT RIGHT; TR-803, TR-808 is a 2sc281; TR-804, TR-809 is a 2sc708 Sansui 5000A Power Output Transistor Pairs . I did not replace the indicator lamps. Add 25v regulator. The Sansui 2000x is a good sounding and popular vintage receiver. Steve 2SA1068N and 2SC2493N Sansui used in High Speed Premium Amplifier, model AU-X1 as power output transistors. Ah! But they must be damned expensive, right? After all, those super-expensive transistors for those fast Sansui and Kenwood amps are selling for stupid money, right? I mean, they gotta go for 20-30 dollars each, right? RIGHT?? Nope. I have a Sansui 4000 stereo. PNP 2SA909 . This is in extremely good shape except for some chipping and other wear to the wood case. Specifications Tuning range: FM, MW Power output: 39 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) Frequency response: 20Hz to 40kHz Total harmonic distortion: 0. G-3500/301 Stereo Receiver pdf manual download. I have a Sansui 2000x that has been sitting on the shelf for a while, it is a thrift find, so $10 in it, everything lights up and stereo light comes on with tuner, pre amp output to another amp yields sound, but other rear outputs do not. Specifications Power output: 39 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) Total harmonic distortion: 0. I used TIP41\42 as replacements and set the bias preset to 470 ohm. It has a beautiful wood case This came from a working system, not stored for years. I get -5. I have the G-9700 paired with Bose 901 V's and its nirvana. btw The driver stage for the outputs can deliver about 20-30 watts to a speaker, without the output transistors installed. Base current of the outputs was around 150ma peak. 14 + £15. As shown tested working fine, no damages. Sep 20, 2014 Sansui 2000, repair questions Having recently acquired a Sansui 2000 from Should I go ahead and replace these two transistors with the new ksc1845s? . the sansui late 60's, early 70's amps are more powerful then you think by looking at the specs. Browse Categories Answer Questions Sansui G-401. Sansui BA 2000. Transistor packages such as Marantz, SR-2000, Stereo Receiver, 2 ea. Modifications for the Sansui 2000x Receiver Amplifier Section. This machine has been tested and is fully functional and ready to rock just plug in and play All knobs, switches, lights, are in excellent working order. 00 I bought the sansui 5000a new in 1971. Sansui 2000X specifications; Title Value; MAIN section: MAIN section: Music power output : 140W (4 Ohm, IHF) 100W (8 Ohm, IHF) Continuous power output : 2x 52W (4 Ohm) 2x 39W (8 Ohm) THD : < 0,8%: Power bandwidth : 20Hz40Khz (IHFM) Frequency response : 10Hz50Khz (± 1dB) Channel separation : 60dB (1Khz, rated output) Hum and noise : > 80dB (IHF) Input : I have two Audio-Technica 120 turntables going to a Numark M101 Mixer, which goes into a Sansui 2000x receiver. The signal strength meter does not work. ea. You should be able to find a pair in great shape for around $500. It sounds like the audio muting is on but only on left side the power meter is not moving. Unfortunately, one of the small signal transistors used in various places has a history of becoming noisy. Please read through some of my thousands of positive reviews for stereo sales and buy with confidence from an experienced seller of Vintage Audio Gear and Parts. RMS power output, less than 0 003% at 1 kHz, 110W power output Up for sale here I have this gorgeous Sansui 2000X receiver. My Sansui 2000x Austin Stereo brought back to life. 99 USD Receiver - Sansui 5000 This Sansui 5000 came with a beefy wooden case similar to the one on my Sansui 2000 shown HERE . 04, and the 2ST2121 is the same. Here's one of my very 1st thrift shop finds, a AU-4400. Both the am and fm stopped working simultaneously. PARIS Chatelet : -0178010836 - 0612131879 - 0695229414 -;- BOURG la REINE sur Rendez vous - 0687613737 --- Messagerie: infos@hifivintage. some of the newer to220 transistors are totslly insulated, would make it a lot easier to mount without an insulator on the collector. eu Electronics service manual exchange : schematics,datasheets,diagrams,repairs,schema,service manuals,eeprom bins,pcb as well as service mode entry, make to model and chassis correspondence and more. I need to liquidate some of my stuff to free up a spare room. Looks like there is no output. In the seventies, when SANSUI was a well-known company which made very well built tuners, receivers, amplifiers, turntables etc the importer in Holland from SANSUI was TEMPOFOON, established in Tilburg. Sansui 5000A Well, It has been awhile since I have logged in, however I finally have some time to pursue using some of my great receivers. The driver stage is comprised of a PP quasi complimentary output design. Product Profile . Find great deals on eBay for sansui transistor. Total Harmonic Distortion: less than 0. The output transistors had also blown. Author Message; Dutch Rabbit Post subject: Thordarson T-31W25A Amplifier PreRestoration Questions Thordarson T-31W25A Amplifier PreRestoration Questions Every transistor was replaced on one channel of the power amp of this receiver after it was brushed with the metal part of a paint brush while on, by someone other than me. c $685. i driven 3. 5mV (MM), 150mV (line) Signal to noise ratio: 70dB (MM), 80dB (line) Channel separation: 45dB (MM), 50dB (line) Output: 150mV (line), 30mV (DIN) Speaker load impedance: 4Ω to 16Ω Semiconductors: 1 x FET, 4 x IC, 45 x transistors, 27 x diodes, 2 x zener diodes Dimensions: 462 x 147 x 335mm Weight: 13. Sansui 2000A Solid-State AM/FM Stereo Receiver (Jan. i would just like to replace Sansui made a number of iconic receivers during their run as one of the top audio producers in the world. 5%, the 5050 is favored among many Sansui owners for its incredibly warm and lushes sound. In this case due to the operating frequency the common ksc1845 has a low frequency cut off if substituted. The A revision added bias adjustment for the 7591A output tubes. The 2000 and One major issue of the 2000X series is the integration of 2SC458 transistors. 95. I suggest you go here and read all about this new addition to our services. And for AU-819, # NMC-1216 & NMA 1216. Welcome  Mar 31, 2019 Sansui has entered that market with their BA 5000 stereo amplifier which promises to The output transistors Sansui uses in this amplifier are very strong- large safe . Pulled 'em out and hooked  Results 1 - 48 of 49 Pioneer SX-1010 Toshiba Output Transistors 2SC1079. The AU-11000 uses independent circuitry in the amplification process, in such a way that, The Sansui G-9700 is the best piece of audio equipment I have ever owned. those 756's were used ad rf amp transistors for cb radios too, might be one went into oscilation when used as an audio amp. The Sansui 2000-X is a receiver in the solid state amplifier category. $8. I owned some good speakers too. Lionel (November 28, 2009): I need the ID: of transistors 808 and 809 (Plate F-1108) the other two are rusty, Solid State Stereo Tuner Amplifier Sansui 2000X. Welcome to the all-new HUG. 8V at the base of Q8, it should be -1. Classifieds: FOR SALE - Sansui 2000X Vintage Stereo Silver Faced Vintage Receiver DEALPending asking for $297. Output Transistors also used in which other Stereo Receivers / Amplifiers The Tone amp is a single PCB with the multi-tone functions shared. The turntables have an internal stereo preamp that can be turned on or off. Power output: 30 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) Welcome guest ; Welcome to my "SANSUI-PARTS-SHOP" . We will quote a price for this for each individual model. Jun 26, 2016 Today we have a Sansui 2000A receiver to showcase. He explained that the output transistors for 1. To what I know these are obsolete/discontinued nos. Also all the electrolytic capacitors will fail. sansui 2000x output transistors

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